Antony House

DTA converts archetype into prototype in its Antony House design.

PARIS – This is not simply a design for a detached house; Paris-based firm DTA created a prototype system that can be directly delivered on site.

To answer the unconventional needs of the inhabitants – a separated couple with children – the architects doubled independent flats on each of the two stories, providing a unique central entrance.

Antony House, located in the homonymous suburb in Paris, is the result of a research on wood construction aiming to define a practical and sustainable ad-hoc model for low-density areas.

‘Modularity is for us the essence of sustainability,’ says architect Mirco Tardio of DTA. ‘It takes maximum advantage from the built surface allowing a large level of transformation in time.’

To crown it all, an archetypal shape replaces the traditional pitched roof of the surrounding houses. This time the archetype is surprisingly emptied to be converted into a vegetable terrace, a suspended garden inhabited by grasses, vines, fruit and most of all by the residents.

Antony House is entirely crafted from Finnish wood panels and can be easily assembled in a fortnight.

Photos courtesy of Clément Guillaume

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