Architecture for a new fluidity of living spaces

CARPI, Italy – Open to the outdoors yet adaptive to the weather through seamlessly integrated technology, Corradi’s bioclimatic pergola Maestro embodies a new transitional form of living space.

Designed with lines, materials and colours to express visual harmony with both architecture and nature, the Corradi Maestro extends the character as well as functionality of interior spaces. The customizable structure features adjustable blades or sliding canvas, operated by a hidden remote-controlled motor. When the blades are completely closed, rainwater is guided through an integrated system of gutters where the pillars act as drainpipes. With an emphasis on clean, minimalist lines, LED lights can also be installed in the blades – incorporating lighting into the frame of the structure for an intimate effect.

In a Carpigiani villa designed by Gian Luca Montanari of MGGM Studio, the Corradi Maestro blurs boundaries between living space and natural environment.

Available in all the colours and finishes in the Corradi catalogue, Maestro combines technology and design to deliver an architectural volume to suit any context. In the Carpigiani villa designed by Gian Luca Montanari of MGGM Studio, the architect aligns the dimensions and configurations of the pergola to deliver a cohesive space.

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