Arteche High Voltage Lab by ACXT

This building is a High Voltage Laboratory for testing dielectric transformers.

MUNGÍA – ACXT designed a building with a polished metal façade to reflect the technological innovation of the Arteche Group in Mungía, Spain.

Arteche works in the energy sector and uses the building as a high-voltage laboratory for testing dielectric transformers. The laboratories are surrounded by Faraday cages which are necessary for the precision work performed inside.

The faceted façade is reflective of the landscape, but because the metal strips on it refract light, the reflection on the building is not a literal interpretation of the landscape. The façade blends in with the sky and horizon, but – at 30-m high – is out of scale with neighbouring buildings. The interior of the building is just as surreal and decontextualised as the façade, with no real relationship to its surroundings.

A second, smaller volume holds the entry and delivery bay into the building. Other than this, there is no legibility of the programme or organisation of the building from the outside. This, along with a futuristic interior, gives the building an other-worldly air.

Photos courtesy of Aitor Ortiz

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