Artist Evan Hecox covers new 'Terrain'

Evan Hecox is covering new ground in his exhibition 'Terrain' which opens this week at Andenken Gallery in Amsterdam.

American artist Evan Hecox is on the move, from his base in Denver, Colorada in the United States to the Netherlands. He’s covering new ground, first at his exhibition Terrain at Andenken Gallery in Amsterdam, and then continuing on an inspirational journey to Utrecht courtesy of The Jaunt.

His work recognises and evokes the transitory nature of cities and of the lives that exist within them, capturing the essence of landscapes and urban hubs via his unique technique. With a retro/vintage colour palette, he combines geometric and graphical elements incorporating barren backdrops in his acrylic paintings that often utilise intriguing substrates such as vintage newspaper. Incomprehensible and faded lines of text can form their own abstract choreographies in the artworks, combined with layers of symbols and photorealistic visuals. Hecox explains about his new body of work, 'I'm always wanting to experiment and try different things, such is the case here. I'm playing around with some purely abstract work that I'm calling "flags" because that's what they're loosely based on. Using some of those geometric elements in the other pieces, I play around with the relationship between realism and abstraction and seeing how the two interact.'

'I'm pushing the idea of these forms having a sort of presence, almost like modern architecture or sculpture would have in the real world,' the artist continues. 'I'm also continuing my interest in areas where desert landscapes brush-up against civilisation and the desolation and deterioration that exists there along with a barren and empty yet beautiful landscape. These images are made up from photo reference as well as my own imagination.'

The new body of work Terrain will be on show until 18 October 2015 at Andeken Gallery, Pazzanistraat 17, 1014 DB Amsterdam, and the artist's upcoming inspirational trip to Utrecht will be documented via The Jaunt's website in the coming weeks.

Photos courtesy of the gallery.

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