ARTTA beams colour onto the quiet streets of Fanling with its boutique cinema

FANLING – Hong Kong-based ARTTA Concept Studio designs its fourth boutique cinema commission for Golden Harvest. The studio’s founder Arthur Tang believes that successful design is all about leaving a first impression and creating an unforgettable memory at first glance. This particular venue differentiates itself from the others in the series due to its quaint location. By being placed on the quiet corner of Fanling, the cinema’s distinctive bold visual aesthetic creates an impactful statement.

Bright, neon signage beams onto the poorly lit streets making it unmissable to passers-by. The bold characteristics and materials used on the yellow-painted façade, such as back lighting and  bare light-bulbs, create its unique golden glow. The design team says, ‘We have really exaggerated the look of this cinema by giving it a rebirth, from something that started off dull and boring to a whole new, lively and exciting cinema.’

The design aesthetic for the signage continues inside directing guests in the right direction. Large-scale graphics are used as a navigation tool throughout, teamed with the raw concrete floor and black and white colour palette, giving the interior a laid-back, industrial feel.

Photos Lawrence Tsang

Billboard: German Design Council
Billboard: German Design Council

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