Austria Summer House

A system of folding flap shutters allow the windows to be completely covered in winter months.

BURGENLAND – While its exterior resembles a wine cellar more than a traditional home, a summer house in Burgenland, Austria, has a simple appearance modelled after a Kellerstöckel.

The wine storage buildings are typical in the region, often featuring a homogeneous façade. Vienna-based architect Judith Benzer looked to the structures for inspiration, then built a below-ground concrete cellar with upper levels – made solely from larch wood – for residential use.

Since the house is only used during summer months, its enters a hibernation mode in winter. A system of larch wood grids on the exterior allow the windows to be covered completely by shutters, creating flush, unobstructed walls. During summer, they flap open and act as awnings protecting from the sun.

Outside, a terrace made of larch wood resembles at type of shadow created by the structure.

Photos courtesy of Martin Weiß

Summer House in Southern Burgenland
A-7535, Deutsch Tschantschendorf 130

Billboard: German Design Council
Billboard: German Design Council

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