Autoproduction Lamps

I try to find the essence of form, although it is very difficult,’ Marelli says.

Italian product designer Alessandro Marelli has created a series of lamps that condense three realities: the designer, the craftsman and promoter.

‘These projects are derived from wandering and searching through junk,’ Marelli says. ‘I see beautiful forms in scrap metals and try to assemble them with few modifications to maintain their purity.’

Using reclaimed items like water pipes, beams and even toilet plungers, Marelli added low-cost components to create the outcomes. He says he kept the costs low to keep the sale price down while he is building his reputation as a designer.

‘I believe that Autoproduction is a training ground to develop my own project poetics sincerely,’ Marelli says. He adds that he is interested with the theme of the ‘project’ and his works reflect his training in wood crafting.

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