Axel Arigato goes offline with its new Stockholm pop-up store

Stockholm – Less than a year after designing Axel Arigato’s London flagship, Christian Halleröd creates another space for the brand: the Axel Arigato Gallery. Situated in the heart of Stockholm, the temporary store-cum-gallery carries the full range of the brand’s men’s and women’s items, along with a selection of rare Japanese books, magazines and objects.

What exactly makes the Axel Arigato Gallery different from the brand’s flagship? First, the space’s conceptual focus on the art it showcases: with a minimal, airy décor and materials such as plexiglass and concrete, Halleröd makes sure the spotlight is on the art displayed. The Swedish architect also tinkers with the brand’s well-known neutral palette and mixes things up by introducing unexpected pops of colour into the gallery. In the rear of the store, seating areas draped in yellow fur contrast with the minimalist decor, while strategic lighting creates an optical illusion that makes the space appear flooded in bright yellow light from outside.

‘The surprise element for me is important,’ says Axel Arigato's creative director and cofounder, Max Svärdh. Axel Arigato Gallery shows that far from being obsolete, physical retail is in fact necessary to sustain curiosity and innovation: in the age of digitalization and archiving, some things remain only possible to feel and remember through first-hand experience.

Location Smålandsgatan 28, Bibliotekstan


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