Bécasse Bakery

A marble slab was used to form the main display case, as opposed to a tier system that’s commonly used in bakeries.

The design of a boutique bakery in a Sydney shopping mall reflects the luxury of the pastries which it sells.

With just 100-sq-m to work with, the priority for designer Mark McConnell was naturally the kitchen space. Equipped with two ovens, proofer, pastry benches, mixers and a cooling room, the kitchen can be seen from the storefront and mall hall.

‘The retail display was to be very simple to allow a broad layout of the various pastries and breads the French bakers were preparing in the background,’ McConnell explains. The massive marble display case wraps through the store, presenting products horizontally as opposed to the vertical tier system that’s commonly used in bakery design.

Bécasse bakery was designed by McConnell in collaboration with chef Justin North as part of a larger food experience in Australia.

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