Impressed by the open architecture of the space, studio llot llov opted for mobile modules that could display products while changing the shops’ appearance when moved. The designers looked to vehicles from previous decades in creating the modules, which reflect a vintage vibe. ‘The idea is that these vehicles transport the items we have chosen to Baerck in Berlin,’ explains Jacob Brinck of llot llov. ‘Each module is inspired by a different inspiration, like a droshky (Russian carriage) or an old Ford truck. The styles of the pieces we sell are supported by the look of the furniture.’ Brinck says in order to support the purity of aesthetics, wood was left natural and combined with white surfaces and mirrors. Throughout the shop, shoppers see white laminated multiplex, white powder coated steel tubes, leather and bicycle wheels. ‘The aim is to create light and elegant atmosphere with these simple and raw materials,’ Brinck explains. ‘The concept for the space is an open and airy atmosphere, since the layout is long and narrow.’ Studio llot llov had a vested interest in the projects – they were not only commissioned to design the space, but are also the shops’ owners. Llot llov is run by Brinck and design partners Ania Bauer, Lena Hirche and Ramon Toshiro Merker.

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