Balcony House by Ryo Matsui Architects

The project celebrates the familiar and overlooked features that participate in shaping the cityscape.

TOKYO – Recently brought to completion by Tokyo-based practice Ryo Matsui Architects, the Balcony House sits in a residential area of Tokyo, Japan, predominantly comprised of low-rise constructions and modest housing buildings.

Designed to comply with the city’s unique character, this new project lays out a clear and comprehensive creative approach, aiming for the implementation of a locally-appropriate architectural response.

The four-storey structure maximises its footprint so as to make the most of a narrow lot, tightly knit into Tokyo’s urban fabric. Built in reinforced concrete, each floor of the house opens up to 2-m-deep planted terraces, functioning as buffers between the living spaces and the lively public realm while providing residents with a sheltered outdoor space for enjoyment.

The balconies create architectural relief, as well as an interesting mix of depths and textures along the street. Ryo Matsui managed to carry out a successful project which seems to celebrate the familiar and overlooked features that play a key role in shaping the cityscape.

Photos Daici Ano





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