Basque Culinary Center

Contrary to popular practice, visitors enter on the top floor and descend downwards into the structure.

SAN SEBASTIAN – When designing the structure of a culinary school in San Sebastian, Spain, it was only fitting that architects at Vaumm looked to stacks of plates and bowls for inspiration.

Located on a steep slope, the building’s unique functional program runs from top to bottom. The main entrance is on the top floor (which rests at ground level) and the various programs develop downwards into the structure that appears to be built into the earth.

‘The building expresses the slope, emphasizing the character of support,’ says Iñigo García Odiaga of Vaumm. ‘From a conceptual point of view, volume generation is based on the scale work between the iconographical image (piled up dishes) and the building itself.’

The structure officially houses the Gastronomic Science University and Research & Innovation Center for Gastronomic Science.

Photos courtesy of Fernando Guerra

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