Bath Haus by Art Meadow

'Bath Haus' by Art Meadow imagines the washroom sink as an interactive meeting place.

Here’s something to contemplate next time you head to the washroom sink:

New York based design firm Art Meadow has given the corporate bathroom a (conceptual) makeover –  imagining a space closer to a technicolour water cooler than a water closet.

American magazine Bloomberg Businessweek asked five design firms, including Art Meadow, to imagine a twist on the traditional office toilet.

For Bath Haus, the designers combined men’s and women’s washrooms – toilets are housed in private ‘powder rooms,’ – and re-fashioned their ‘sinks’ into multi-coloured water sculptures.

Soap, water and a hand dryer are only a hand’s motion away, and LED powered lights give the water a constantly changing look.

And the interactive sinks aren’t just for fun – they’re good HR.

“Design can do more than fulfill a simple utilitarian purpose, like washing hands,” says Matthew Hoffman, one of the founders. “Bath Haus pushes at these boundaries by creating an interactive space where people want to be, to meet, relax and socialize together.”

Well, they would certainly have something to talk about.

Photos courtesy Art Meadow.

Leaderboard: Architonic
Leaderboard: Architonic

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