BAUX Träullit by Form Us With Love

BAUX is a joint venture between Fredrik Franzon, Johan Ronnestam and the design studio Form Us With Love

At the launch of BAUX Träullit – a new building material – in Stockholm this week, one of the founding members of BAUX, entrepreneur Fredrik Franzon recalled his first visit to the factory where the material is now in production. The factory, based in Österbymo in southern Östergötland, is a family business run by Bengt Rääf. ‘This guy was so passionate about the material, everything was made from it, even his house’, said Franzon.

With this infectious enthusiasm, Franzon, along with fellow entrepreneur Johan Ronnestam and design studio Form us with Love, set up BAUX, based on their belief that building materials should be ‘surprisingly functional and remarkably beautiful’.

The building material – a combination of wood wool and concrete – has been produced by Träullit for nearly 70 years but it wasn’t until BAUX got involved that the factory began to see the versatility in the material they were producing.

The acoustic panels come in six different gemoetical shapes, two sizes and five colour sets allowing for a range of different patterns an colour palettes. The geometric panels can then be attached to walls using glue or magnets.  

Photos courtesy of BAUX
Photos of the Träullit Factory Jonas Lindström

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