Belgian Bridal Suite

The simple and small space required precise technical planning for hydro piping and furniture integration.

Transparency, monochromatism and functionalism combine in the attic bedroom of a private home in Masnuy-Saint-Jean, Belgium. 
The 30-sq-m volume has an uncomplicated layout with a bed, dressing table and transparent bathroom in its centre. Furnishings are integrated into the walls, while their white hue works to make everything appear larger than reality.

‘The simple program invites the open-minded client  to try a unique project and adapt their needs,’ say Catherine Maraite and Pascal Monniez of m architecture. ‘The idea is to work with transparency, to optimize the spatial continuity.’

Working within a limited floor plan – the room is just 1.5m wide – the architects rationally organized the room’s functions. While the project is small and simple in its appearance, it required advanced technical planning to achieve the airy quality.

By placing the bathroom in the centre in a curving glass box, it doesn’t obstruct the openness of the space. Most water pipes to-and-from the shower and sink are concealed, while integrating furniture and mirrors into the walls was another challenge.

Photos courtesy bepictures. 

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