Best Of: Installations (2)

WasteLandscape by Elise Morin & Clémence Eliard.

 We love installations, from the big, to the small (although mostly the big), there's always something to oggle in these pavilions, post-it note structures and structures. If you liked our first Best Of Installations post, enjoy more of our favourites here.

1. WasteLandscape by Elise Morin & Clémence Eliard

Made from 65,000 unsold and collected CDs, the glossy discs have been sorted and sewn into place by hand. Spanning 500-sq-m, the project is a series of metallic mounds that glisten with their glossy petroleum covers.

2. Post-it Structures Installation by Tato Architects

With the use of 30,000 cells of stacked Post-it notes, colour radiates through the entrance of the art project room at local gallery ARTZONE in Kyoto City, Japan. As simplistic as this installation may appear, it took three days to reach full completion.

3. Forest Pavilion by NARCHITECTS

Eleven freshly-cut green bamboo vaults protrude from the ground, forming rings that encircle a central stage-like gathering space. Despite being ‘open air,’ the pavilion has a sense of enclosure, offering shade and seating for those watching performances on the central stage.

4. Xtra Moenia by SOFTlab

Made of 4224 translucent mylar panels, some of which have been coloured with photo gels, the canopy-like piece spans 156-sq-m. The panels are connected by over 6000 aluminium grommets and are held in complete tension using a complex cable system.

5. Fibulae Installation by Marc Fornes :: THEVERYMANY

The shop was created by Marc Fornes, the architect behind the THEVERYMANY name. Using 7000 brushed aluminium parts, Fornes pre-cut the material and assembled it into 28 sculptural modules using thousands of rivets.

6. Cloud[S]cape Installation by dfab.Studio

Cloud[S]cape was created for Malta Design Week and was installed at the Royal Malta University's Valletta campus. The project was suspended over the entranceway of the building’s main foyer, mimicking the ceiling above.

7. Ring Installation by Arnaud LaPierre & AUDI

‘The installation took into consideration the urban space networking – rhythm, flow, organization and spatial hierarchy,’ explained designer Arnaud LaPierre. ‘It changed the relationships between individuals and the space they’re going through.’

8. What’s Left Exhibition by Jannick D

Using a mass of translucent fabric and dark thread, Deslauriers has constructed sculptural installations, the most notable of which is a replica of a military tank. The massive war machine made of soft textiles creates an ephemeral juxtaposition that is a reminder of strength, memory and life dissolved. 

9. Anenome Installation by Oyler Wu Collaborative

‘All too often, art installations are considered precious, almost sacred objects,’ says Jenny Wu of Oyler Wu's LA office. ‘While they are meant to be appreciated for their aesthetic beauty, they offer little in terms of human interaction.’

10. Vestige Installation by Rob Mulholland

Vestige consists of six human silhouettes (three men and three women) made of mirror perspex. Immersed in the woodland walk at the David Marshall Lodge in Scotland, the installation was originally intended as temporary. However, its popularity amongst visitors suggested its permanence would be a welcome addition to the woodlands.

Billboard: German Design Council
Billboard: German Design Council

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