Best of: Salons

Permy Mi Jang Won Salon by m4.

No matter your desire - colour, trim, steam, wax, fluff or dry – the experience is sure to be more memorable in one of our favourite salon shops.

The tiny 36-sq-m Permy Mi Jang Won Salon (by m4) makes up for its lack of space with a bold use of colour. Bright turquoise walls with punchy white accessories fill the salon in South Korea.

Taking an opposite approach, Lisbon’s monochromatic white Facto Royale Salon (by Igor Ferreira) combines second-hand Japanese furniture with 5000 Swarovski crystal and 50 plaster hands.

Boasting a deeper, darker, more neutral aesthetic is Japan’s TROOVE Salon (by Hiroyuki Miyake). Following the country's 2011 natural disasters, many homes and businesses lost their power supply; the designer says this caused people to realize ‘our former use of light was too bright.’ Also in Japan, the Regalo Salon (by Takara Space Design Corp.), uses a series of mesh dividing screens to separate spaces according to function.

Featuring a completely alternative style, Slovenia's YMS Salon (by Kitsch-Nitsch) is filled with clashing neon hues, flashy graphics and retro prints that take us on a trip back to the 1980s.

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