Bifröst by Espen Krukhaug

Bifröst 2, colour photograph, 50 x 50 cm, edition of 10, 2011, courtesy of the gallery

Norwegian artist Espen Ramberg Krukhaug has recently released a new series of photographs entitled “Bifröst”, which captures the depression, solitude and silence experienced by insomnia sufferers. Krukhaug explains of his work: “When body and soul are deprived of the proper experience of wakefulness and sleep, the result is an abnormal existence in which the mind seems to feed on itself. In this environment, even the smallest obstacles or concerns can seem insurmountable.” The slightly hazy, diaphanous quality of these photographs conveys the delirium and acute wakefulness of insomniacs, including Krukhaug himself.

The process of creating “Bifröst” was a therapeutic experience for Krukhaug, who explored different sites with his friends and models. He says of working at night: “Depressed and alone, unsure if I am awake or in a dream, I go out for a a walk. It is not clear where I am going. I hear what could be a song, but it’s more likely just a jumble of the ambient noises around me, a mixture of voices and sounds. The places I go, the things I see and the people I meet… I am never sure if they are real.” Indeed, “Bifröst”, which also refers to the mythological rainbow bridge of the Norse gods from the centre of the universe to the earth, aptly describes Krukhaug’s series, as the latter connects the realms of consciousness and sleep.

“Bifröst” is showing until 17 August.

The Photographers Gallery za and Erdmann Contemporary, 63 Shortmarket Street, Cape Town 8001

All images courtesy of the gallery.

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