Big Kastenmann by Erwin Wurm

Wurm’s work often boasts a Surrealist, humorous and over-the-top edge.

Austrian artist Erwin Wurm has realized his first large-scale public art project in New York City.

Big Kastenmann (which means ‘big box man’ in English), is made of cast aluminium and rises 5.4m-tall. The sculpture features what are clearly the legs of a human, topped with a large suit-wearing box over its arms, waist and neckline; he lacks a neck and head. Two-toned, the piece shifts from brushed silver on its legs to a dripping pink enamel coating its upper half.

The sculpture was made in Sussen, Germany, and shipped to New York where it was installed in front of The Standard Hotel earlier this week. It can be seen here until 2 November.

‘My work is very much about interaction, and The Standard’s location and the size of the work ensure that Big Kastenmann will be accessible to many people, which is the essence of public art,’ Wurm says.

The Standard Hotel
848 Washington Street
New York, NY 10014

Billboard: German Design Council
Billboard: German Design Council

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