Black Box Revelation

The project connected two worlds: the buzzing exterior festival life and mysterious world inside.

At Copenhagen’s Trailerpark Festival this past summer, a caravan was converted into a multipurpose meeting space that was dark by day and night. 

Designers Anders G. Norman, Max Dengler and Victor Serrander cut away one side of the caravan and pushed the rest of it into a 6-by-6m black painted plywood box. Festival-goers were invited to enter the space and play with control buttons, changing the lighting and sound from subdued to bright and buzzing.

‘The imprint of the caravan is the only entrance into the internal space,’ Norman says. ‘By making the bright trailer the entrance point and the control station where you can adjust the lights and sounds inside the black box, it is the connection between the two worlds: the colourful life of the festival outside and the mysterious creative world inside.’

The space was lit by spotlights and holes cut in the ceiling, which represented stars or lights of a city’s skyline.

Click here to see a video of the project being made.

Billboard: German Design Council
Billboard: German Design Council

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