Blue Planet Copenhagen

Surrounded by a pond, entering the aquarium will metaphorically feel like being pulled under water.

COPENHAGEN – Danish architecture firm 3XN has won a competition to build an aquarium shaped modelled after a vortex of water.

Walking the path to the entrance, the visitors will be sucked into the heart of the building,  pulled into a mystic world that promises to make them feel like underwater creatures themselves.

‘We wanted to stage a totality of the experience one has visiting an aquarium,’ says architect Kim Herforth Nielsen of 3XN.

Guests will find themselves becoming part of the aquarium when finding their way through the remarkable atmosphere of the lobby, created by shimmering light entering through a pool above the glazed ceiling.

Resembling a botanic sculpture on the edge of the sea, Blue Planet will become a landmark for Copenhagen, conspicuous from the land, sea and air when approaching the city.

Renderings courtesy of 3XN; model photos courtesy of Adam Mørk

Billboard: German Design Council
Billboard: German Design Council

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