Blue Square

In decorating the 17-sq-m space, interior designer Iosif Vasilodimitrakis created an ‘open jewel box’ to specify zones and give the illusion of it being bigger than reality. A wooden structure extends over the floor, one wall and ceiling, defining movement and operations through the store while offering a sense of organization. On the opposite wall are a series of OSB (Oriented Strand Board) boxes. Remaining walls and floors are made of concrete, while the main desk is made of plywood. ‘The wooden box separates the small store into three zones: the space of the window and entry, the space where the jewellery is displayed, and the space where customers move and see the laboratory where products are made,’ Vasilodimitrakis says. ‘When someone stands on the raised area of the wooden box, they have the impression of being in a separate section of the shop,’ he adds.

Billboard: Dezeen Jobs
Billboard: Dezeen Jobs

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