Book-Cuts & Tree-Cuts by Francesca Lowe

'Expander.' Book Cut from High Art -A History of the Psychedelic Poster. Photo: Ted Owen.

British artist Francesca Lowe is moving away from large-scale paintings to adopt a different media.

On now at The Riflemaker Gallery in London is Lowe’s newest body of work: Book-Cuts & Tree-Cuts. For this new exhibition, Lowe has reduced the scale of paintings and inverted methods. Instead of building an image with layer upon layer, she has carefully cut away the pages of books to reveal different  layers.

The idea is simple, the result surprising. She carefully cuts pages, erasing what seems unimportant and developing the idea that audiences only remember certain things after reading a book or magazine. With this process she retains core information, while holes in the pages reveal what's left behind; the results are intricate three-dimensional collages.

Book-Cuts & Tree-Cuts runs until 11 August at The Riflemaker Gallery in London. Books are carefully displayed, open in the middle, calling the viewer to approach them.

79 Beak Street
W1F 9SU London

Billboard: F119 Out Now
Billboard: F119 Out Now

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