Boon Jr.

While the store sells children’s clothes, the design caters to both young and old.

South Korea’s Boon Jr. shop is modeled after a children’s school with a fashionable twist.

The clothing store for kids is a division of the Boon The Shop brand, which includes Mr.Boon (featured on frameweb earlier this week) and Boon Jr. for a younger audience.

‘Kids are in the process of growing up and I wanted to create a space which communicates that they have such huge possibilities for the future,’ says Masamichi Katayama of Wonderwall Inc.

He says the concept is ‘new school,’ which, as opposed to ‘old school,’ is a refined outlook as opposed to out-of-date frigidity.

‘Apart from the blackboard walls, the monotone design with tin ceiling has no other visual association to a school,’ Katayama says. ‘It’s catered to a new generation of parents with attention to the floor plan and flow, with both adults and children in mind.’

Boon Jr. is located inside the Shinsegae department store.

Billboard: German Design Council
Billboard: German Design Council

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