With its warm design, this Swedish law firm welcomes students to use its legal library

Gothenburg – For its Gothenburg office, Morris Law briefed Bornstein Lyckefors Architects to create and open and social workspace with a flat structure and an informal relationship to its clients. In response, the designers aimed to break down physical and mental barriers in the workplace and focus on communal workspaces rather than individual ones.

An open-office environment accommodates equally sized workspaces separated by framed maple wood partitions. Filled with felt, toned mirror or cork, the frames provide privacy and acoustic solutions while allowing visual connection between staff. The open workspace is complemented by other work environments ranging from relaxed lounges to more formal conference rooms, which facilitate different kinds of meetings. The reception and kitchen function as the social hubs of the office. The latter, located on the upper floor, opens onto a lounge and outdoor terrace.

Beyond that, visitors arriving into the eye-catching reception encounter an intriguing wooden structure made of maple wood shelves, mirrors, cork and brass mesh. The lobby not only functions as a workspace and meeting place for employees and clients, but is also accessible to law students who are welcome to review Morris Law’s extensive collection of law literature.

The use of warm, natural materials and colours adds a human touch, which echoes the firm’s ambitions to make business law more accessible. In fact, everything from the soft colour palette, finishes, furniture and lighting are informed by the firm’s corporate identity.


This project was featured in The Other Office Three, our book on creative workplace design. You can purchase a copy here.

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