Botanic Garden Visitor Centre by Weiss/Manfredi

The rear side strikes with a double-storey space behind a transparent facade.

NEW YORK – A vegetated volume wriggles around the edge of Brooklyn’s Botanic Garden, serving as an ideal transition between city and park.

The new visitor centre building, realized by NYC-based Weiss/Manfredi, functions as an arrival and orientation point to inform visitors about different sections like the Japanese Garden, Cherry Esplanade and Cranford Rose Garden. Also housing an exhibition gallery, a café and an event space, the centre will be a social meeting point for a wide range of frequenters.

The foyer appears as solid architectural structure towards the entrance at Washington Avenue, and gradually transforms into a transparent volume framed by curved glass walls, leading attentiont towards the exterior Botanic Garden.

Photos courtesy of Albert Vecerka/Esto

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