‘As the crowd expanded and contracted, the geometries above reassembled in enigmatic response through light and shadow movement,’ Seskunas says.

Artist and architect Drew Seskunas has led a group of 24 international students to create an interactive installation for the Botox trilogy.

The project comprised of 87 pyramids which the students created using cardboard sheets and emergency blankets. When side by side, the triangular pieces of various sizes formed an inverted landscape that hung from the ceiling.

The installation measured 3m-by-8m and was embedded with a series of LEDs attached to sensors at either end. Thus, the installation was able to respond to human presence through light and shadow movement.

The project was suspended from the ceiling of the Scuola di Architettura e Società at the Politecnico di Milano, where Seskunas led a week-long seminar for the students. He was assisted by Brice Delarue of Zirkumflex and graphic designer Lea Delion. The project was part of Seskunas’ ongoing Botox trilogy, which also includes a cloud and lamp.

Photos courtesy Nicolo Bianchi.

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