Branca Lisboa

'Sete' jars stand on top of 'LaçoK' in natural plywood finish, beside the 'WM.04' chair in white.

Furniture line Branca Lisboa pays homage to the time when products were developed with patience and precision. Infusing traditional Portuguese crafts with contemporary aesthetics, the line offers a wide range of carefully designed and produced products.

Branca Lisboa was created following an experimental design project called Workstation, developed by the Portuguese designer Marco Sousa Santos. The result was 24 new chairs, completed using digital technologies and local crafts. Following this, Sousa Santos applied the same principles to Branca Lisboa – this time adding more types of products like storage and tables. While the primary material used is wood, some products of the series include details made of rubber, foam or stainless steel.

‘Branca Lisboa presents products conceived with accuracy, patience and pleasure, I hope they might be part of its users sensorial lasting memory,’ Sousa Santos says.

The Lisbon-based designer took inspiration from his surroundings and also from his self-proclaimed ‘visceral curiosity for materials and production techniques along with its re-interpretation and re-invention.'

The collection will be presented at the upcoming Stockholm Furniture Fair in February.

Photos courtesy Marco Sousa Santos

Dutch Design Week
Dutch Design Week

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