Breakup by University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt Students

The 'source' of the financial crisis begins to crumble in this installation by Boris Banozic.

'Breakup', an installation by students of the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt underneath the direction of Boris Banozic, created a scene of financial fracture, rather than broken romance, in a tumbling scene of typographical carnage.

The installation was displayed at Passagen Interior Design Week Cologne 2013 in January, alongside pieces from German universities.

The semi-transluscent grid of the exhibition hall's facade was composed of crumbling wooden frames hosting scenes composed from single letters.

'The words on the facade point to the reasons that led to the breakdown,' says Boris Banozic. 'At the same time, 'out of the ruins' of the collapsed structure a new one starts to grow.'

The squares assemble into a new form, but in between, the screens display quotes from authors, politicians and philosophers addressing the nature of rebirth.

We have covered the German firm's dramatic installations and set designs before - including the Berlin Jewish Museum, and a trippy installation at the Salone del Mobile called Trillusion.

Images courtesy Boris Banozic.


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