Brenac & Gonzalez wraps a workplace with golden origami-like skin

Le Coruscant is an office building located in Saint-Denis, in the northern suburbs of Paris.

PARIS – As environmental ambitions run high in architecture, a new metallic office building in the northern suburbs of Paris follows suit. Designed by French architects Brenac & Gonzalez, the Le Coruscant located in Saint-Denis, stands out with its corrugated façade. The origami- inspired aluminium envelope creates a unified aesthetic, which pays careful attention to environmental factors. 

Consisting of high volume office spaces, Le Coruscant does not stray far from its surrounding context, which is rich in infrastructure. The office building combines a medley of modern design with public green spaces. Externally the building is composed of two layers which complement one another to become one entity throughout the design. The inner most layer is encased with natural anodized aluminium opened up by varnished natural-wood French windows. On the outer most layer of the structure, a gold anodized aluminium skin wraps itself around the building, following a pleated form. Resembling origami, the metal facade adds aesthetic value that also serve as a guard rail and shade screen. The pattern on the outer layer casts subtle shadows on the interior without making the user feel like they are caged in.

The building has high levels of energy efficiency, reducing thermal loss by limiting window space to 50 per cent on the façade. The usage of floor-to-ceiling French windows helps improve ventilation as well as providing a good daylight-factor coefficient.

Photos courtesy of Sergio Grazia

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