Bubble Installation

‘I wanted to change the pure functional space into a space where you can amaze and desire,’ van Daalen says.

Dutch interior and fashion designer Iris van Daalen made a layered glass ceiling using a special technique to create the illusion of space.

'The design is composed out of abstracted bubbles, ranked as an organizational chart,’ van Daalen says. ‘Each are connected, resulting in a web of influences. Its fragile structure symbolizes order, structure, authority and its transience.’

The piece spans 7-by-4.5m and is located in the conference room of a police station in The Hague. As daylight changes, so too does the installation’s colour, which shifts through hues of blue. Van Daalen combined the effect of depth with the sublimation of glass, creating a sense of spatial illusion.

Van Daalen graduated in 2010 from the Design Academy Eindhoven. The ceiling panel is part of the renovation of the police station, completed by Queeste Architecten, Van Dijken Glass and M2uur.

Billboard: Simon Architecture Prize
Billboard: Simon Architecture Prize

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