Here’s another example of how Shanghai is killing the click-and-mortar game

Shanghai – When most e-tailers go physical, they still pay attention to product categories inside their retail spaces. That seems to not be the case in Shanghai. A few months ago we spoke of Heyshop, a 200-sq-m venue so efficient that the only piece of permanent architectural design is a row of dressing rooms that can function as hallways when the store decides to not sell clothes for a week or two.

They can be displaying menswear today and be completely swapped out to display pop art the next

And now, here’s By: with 815 sq-m to play with, the e-tailer requested the services of Spacemen to create a physical space that would allow for maximum-speed shifts while still retaining the brand’s high-streetwear aesthetic. ‘They can be displaying menswear today and be completely swapped out to display pop art or an army of Bearbrick figures the next day,’ explained lead architect Edward Tan.

The first step to achieve this was to divide the store into a series of separate spaces. To denote a sense of transition, they each feature different material treatments, particularly in flooring, in order to allow employees to change a particular pocket of the store at a time. That means some areas have marble flooring made of six kinds of stone, while others have raw grey epoxy and white terrazzo flooring; some are wrapped by red-steel columns or grey textured plaster while others are covered in mirrors, to camouflage their existence – a bit of a secret room, if you will. Some spaces use display alcoves, as needed.

How about a launch party or a fashion show for a capsule drop? Spacemen brought in 600 upcycled shipping pallets, which can be turned into multi-tiered stadium seating or a display area; the pallets can be moved or re-stacked depending on the size and type of the event.

In other words: Shanghai seems to be killing the brick-and-mortar game.

Location Soho Fuxing, Unit B1-03, Block C, 388 Madang Road, Shanghai

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