Camper Granada by A-cero

Candy apple red and crisp white emphasize the palpitating forms.

Groovy red and white silhouettes comprise the new Camper store in Granada, Spain.

Located on Mesones St. – a popular shopping area – the shop spans just 48-sq-m. Customers are greed by a bold red composite façade with angular windows that contrast undulating interior forms. The exterior panel is made of composite, red aluminium, glass and red vinyl.

The interior was left as open as possible, pushing displays to side walls to create wide walkways for shoppers. A curving module rests in the centre of the store, offering a place to sit and try on shoes.

'The final result is an interesting fusion between corporative resources and designs of Camper and A-cero,' say architects Joaquin Torres and Rafael Llamazares of A-cero.

Photos courtesy Juan Sánchez.

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