Camper’s new Tokyo location is a celebration of straightforwardness

TOKYO – Finding the perfect pair of shoes is a complex enough endeavour – why make it more stressful than it already is? While designing Camper’s Shin-Marunouchi location, Schemata Architects kept in mind not only store productivity, but also customer convenience.

The local architectural design firm dismissed convoluted layouts in favour of a transparent stockroom made from steel mesh and constituted of movable racks placed directly in front of the sales area. The result: distance between the rear of the store and the main shopping area is reduced to a minimum, and so are customer waiting times. This uncomplicated layout makes for an intuitive, stressless shopping experience.

To ensure that all Camper customers find the right fit, Schemata Architects wanted the latter to envision the day-to-day use of the products they are presented with. In addition to featuring mostly matte and industrial materials, the store interior includes simple materials such as urethane rubber and medium-density fibreboards that evoke a feeling of everyday urbanity while matching Camper shoeboxes. The concrete floor harmonizes with the dyed cork and galvanized steel used for the displays and stockroom, and underscores the products on display.

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