Capucine Diancourt's playground equipment toys with safety restrictions

Rejecting safety regulations, Capucine Diancourt designed seven pieces of playground equipment that encourage the cooperation of users for maximum fun in the sun.

My father’s principal bugbear with the modern world (or at least one of them) is the myriad of health and safety regulations that blanket us and everything we do in bubble wrap. He’ll be delighted to hear that Loose Play, Capucine Diancourt’s collection of playground equipment, was designed specifically as a rejection of such guidelines.

By liberating the seven steel components of Loose Play from any attachment to the floor, the French designer hopes to free the imagination of children young and old. The objects rest on curved bases that rock back and forth, making them perilously difficult to balance on – which is all part of the fun, of course.

‘They trigger curiosity and demand cooperation between players,’ says Diancourt. ‘Their mobile nature means they can be placed in different environments and can create new places to meet and play together.’

She is keen to point out that the collection is for research and not recreation; her goal is to provoke a discussion rather than to face a spate of accidents. Perhaps health and safety deserve consideration after all. (Sorry, Dad.)

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