Carsten Höller: Experience

On Mirror Carousel (2005), the user can engage in an unexpected intense physical experience.

Carsten Höller: Experience, showcases the German artist’s creations from the last 18 years, promising an interactive, engaging and sensory experience.

Höller, who was trained as a scientist, reflects this influence in his works which are often reminiscent of scientific experiments. In his created world, the artist explores themes of childhood, safety, love, the future and doubt.

For Carsten Höller: Experience, the New Museum’s galleries floors and ceilings were literally broken, making way for Höller’s new untitled work, a giant slide. Extending from the third to fourth floor, the slide physically involves itself with the museum’s architecture and provides visitors with a sense of freedom or deliberate loss of control. The installation also illustrates the visionary and experimental perspective on architecture and transportation alternatives, present in Höller’s oeuvre.

Other works displayed include Höller’s famous Mirror Carrousel (2005), which explores the concept of movement, and the Giant Psycho Tank (1999), an installation that allows people to float weightlessly in a sensory deprivation pool, providing an out of body experience.

Höller’s works intend to have an effect on the viewer's perception of time and space, enticing guests to participate and get involved in the exhibition.

Billboard: Mack Brooks Exhibitions (Inprint)
Billboard: Mack Brooks Exhibitions (Inprint)

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