CCTV Headquarters

Two towers rise from a common platform, gently sloping toward one another. Photo: Iwan Baan.

BEIJING – Earlier today, OMA officially completed the CCTV Headquarters in Beijing after eight years of construction.

The ‘reinvented skyscraper’ is a massive looping structure that will accommodate the offices of China Central Television, set to open later this year. An amazing 75m cantilever connects two towers that rise from a common platform and lean toward one another.

The façade is a clever reflection of interior activity. Areas with higher stress levels have more dense exterior diagonal webs, while areas of less stress have looser webs.  

The new building connects all aspects of tv-making in one interconnected structure; previously, CCTV was produced at scattered locations across the entire city. Inside the new headquarters are tv studios, offices, production facilities, broadcast rooms.

Photos courtesy of OMA

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