Centre Commercial

Sebastien Kopp and Ghislain Morillion, who have had great success with their Veja brand, wanted to apply their company philsophies to a new space. While neither has a background in interior design, their strong vision resulted in clear aesthetic. Washed and chipped concrete walls juxtapose rustic wooden tables, while neon LED fixutres illuminate the space. The designers say it represents a ‘gathering of eclectic initiatives,’ a ‘stage open to civil society,’ and has a ‘rehumanizing aesthetic.’ Centre Commercial sells labels from across Europe, plus many vintage items including furniture, art and bicycles. It also houses a temporary art exhibition area. ‘Centre Commercial wants to slow down the rhythm of our fast-paced society,’ say Kopp and Morillion. ‘Reminiscent in the ways of our grand-parents, we favour know-how and continuity. Rather than offering mere products, we try to curate genuine projects.’

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