Our report from the Cevisama 2019 fair: Colour is back in full force

Valencia – Perhaps you were expecting another year of marble and wood patterns in ceramic tiles. Well, although the trend is definitely not over – the demand from the Chinese market for this type of luxury surface is increasing – we are actually seeing the pendulum strongly sway the other way: at this year’s Cevisama fair in Valencia, colours are back in full force.

As the city is the second largest ceramic production district in the world, it helps to see where they’re going in order to take the pulse of the industry as a whole. This year, many brands decided to nostalgically look back at their Spanish origins, focusing on the handcrafted azulejos. The colours and shapes of the collections perfectly recall that heritage, via some bright shades of blue, yellow, green and pink. The legacy of the classic models fits perfectly within contemporary homes – we saw many clever combinations with minimalist elements that achieved a sense of balance and, more interestingly, character.

What’s also interesting is that, perhaps three years ago, marble at this type of event only came in shades of white, grey, beige and black. Thanks to our widespread thirst for colour, we can now see brands delving into tones of yellow, clay, green and blue. With these two trends in mind, here are our top picks from the collections on display at Cevisama 2019.



Samba Collection

The Samba Collection by Roca Tiles perfectly embodies our urban tastes thanks to a wide variety of formats and colours that allow some playing around in order to create different compositions.




The name perfectly explains this Bestile collection: Allegria’s light tones are perfect for creating cosy and carefree environments, but with a touch of character and personality.



Gampi and Tesuki

Gampi and Tesuki, by Spanish manufacturer Grespania, are two series inspired by Japanese handmade paper techniques. The former references the plants and leaves used in the process, while the latter is a reference to the silky final touch.



Techlam Steel Chrome

For an industrial-looking product, Levantina’s Techlam Steel Chrome is actually quite warm, thanks to its brush-hammered finishes.



Silestone Loft Series

The newest addition to the Cosentino Silestone family is the Loft Series, which offers a fresh option for the interior uses of concrete and cement. In fact, the versatility of this collection – with some impressive ranges of thickness and dimensions – allows for both indoor and outdoor use, thanks its mechanical properties.


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