Church of Seed

Inspired by the shape of a seed, the exterior wall curls into three sections.

HIUZHOU – Perched atop China's sacred Mount Luofu, a church's structure has been influenced by understated simplicity and its natural surroundings.

Modeled after the shape of a seed, the Church of Seed’s exterior wall curls into three sections, each made from raw concrete. The walls have a bamboo-like texture, softening the material into the surroundings.

‘This is not a piece of architecture which purely celebrates its sculptural form, but a building which respects the natural environment and local culture,’ says Fai Au of O Studio Architects. ‘The church's abstract form and space is conveyed through the play of light, shadow, material and texture.’

The building is elevated at one end, offering views of the mountain range. A series of large sloping steps comprises the building’s roof, with a cross at the pinnacle. The sloping roof creates a ceiling ranging from 3m at the entrance to 12m above the pulpit.

Inside, simple wooden bamboo chairs bound by local farmers can seat 60 people in the worship hall. The unadorned furniture is in line with the building’s understated simplicity.

Photos courtesy of Jingchao Wen

Church of Seed

Luofu Mountain
Hiuzhou, China

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