CINE 32 by Encore Heureux

'As we talk about commercial and independent cinema, maybe we could talk of independent architecture...' Alain Bouffartigue, CINE 32 president

AUCH – Careful study and attentive design provided CINE 32 with ‘an assumed double life, an adequate day and night use’.

After a one-year study and design process and a construction period that spanned 14 months, CINE 32, designed by French architects Nicola Delon et Julien Choppin of Encore Heureux, opened last year boasting a singular look in downtown Auch, France.

According to the architects, ‘cinema is a unique opportunity to gather different people for a common and yet unusual journey. We wish to offer remarkable conditions for such a trip’.

Inspired by the architecture of early 20th-century European cinemas, the vintage feel of the exterior, together with the signs designed by French artist Bonnefrite, lend it a characteristic cinematic identity that adds to the personality of the location.

With a total capacity of 847 sits, the cinema includes five screens, a cafeteria, a youth reception area and administration offices.

Images courtesy of Sébastien Normand

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Billboard: F119 Out Now

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