Cisco Meraki Office by Studio O+A

Studio O+A designed a new office for Cisco Meraki.

Spaciousness, colour and long vistas are the guiding forces of Studio O+A’s office design for Cisco Meraki. When the IT systems giant merged with wireless router maker Meraki, the newly formed company needed a space to give it identity;  consolidating all Cisco’s offices under one roof, but reflecting the small company and strong team values of Meraki.

The 110,000 square foot office is located in the fast-changing Mission Bay neighbourhood of San Francisco. O+A’s design mixes a variety of formal and informal meeting spaces in the guise of stylish ‘yurts and cabanas’ that merge the feelings of indoor and outdoor.  Place-making within the huge hangar-sized former warehouse was key: a wide staircase integrates seating at its base, a meeting room is showered from above with hanging tillandsia, and an outdoor deck offers views of the baseball park and Bay Bridge. 

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