City Council House in Quimper by Guinée*Potin Architectes

The project provides accommodations for the city council and various social services.

QUIMPER – Nantes-based architectural studio Guinée*Potin Architectes has recently been appointed to oversee the design of a new local authority house as part of an ongoing programme for the redevelopment of Kermoysan, a sensitive area seeking to overcome long-prevailing social and economic predicaments in Quimper, northwestern France.

Recalling traditional timber-framed constructions, the geometric pattern applied onto the delicate wooden skin allows the composition to convey a powerful image and provides a strong architectural identity to the building.

The project provides accommodations for the city council and various social services, organised so as to ensure the development of a rational and efficient layout, complemented by raw textures and finishes. The proposed design articulates its programme around a naturally-lit central atrium, holding shared reception facilities and leading to the primary circulation routes. An array of office spaces wraps the common area and follows different configurations targeting optimal daylighting while controlling discomfort glare.

The City Council House in Quimper relies on a number of energy efficiency measures and bioclimatic design strategies according to which it is best to value the construction of a compact volume, oriented to take advantage of the sun and the wind as well as a suitable insulation and the use of materials with great thermal inertia.

Photos Stephane Chalmeau and Pascal Leopold






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