Civic Education Resource Centre

The design has a visual language that speaks to young visitors while simultaneously engaging them. Like a television studio, the space is divided into mini-sets with a mix of pattern and die-cut shapes, creating an environment symbolic of daily life in H

An educational resource centre for teenagers in Hong Kong is using design to teach guests how to be the best citizens they can be.

The multi-dimensional and layered building is officially the Civic Education Resource Centre for the Home Affairs Bureau. The design team at Marc & Chantal say while civic education may not initially seem exciting, they saw an opportunity to turn the subject into an entertaining, engaging and memorable experience.

The space is divided into three components: the resource centre (with library and two small conference rooms), graphic identity and gallery.

The resource centre is crisp white with hint of red, blue and yellow. Sliding glass panels allow for natural light to enter, while a geometric pattern of display cases represent Hong Kong’s skyline.

The graphic identity consists of die-cut patterns forming inspirational words, which also add a sense of weightlessness and simplicity to the space.

The largest section is the gallery, which is divided into five segments: My Room, My Home, My Neighbourhood, My City and My Country. Each segment is intended to encourage guests to think for themselves, interact with peers and take ownership of their experiences.

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