Co-working hub by Supermachine Studio is a conduit for creativity

BANGKOK – It began as a playful idea. Supermachine Studio took the Hubba logo as a template and a network of lines was expanded and multiplied across the page. Take this into three dimensions and the network has the chance to grow, occupying the interior space.

Co-working space operator Hubba, collaborating with Sansiri (the largest developer in Thailand), wanted a playful format for a mixture of businesses and individual clients who require workspace for a range of independent needs. The result, Hubba-to, is what Hubba likes to call an ‘artisan space’.

It is not an accident that the exaggerated network of turquoise-painted pipework is the most predominant feature throughout the interior. The concept of extended network lines became a reality due to the need to incorporate a number of building services throughout the scheme. ‘We, as designers, usually struggle with mechanical and electrical elements,’ admits the design team. ‘In the case of this project, we designed the organisation of these conduits and decided to make it excessive to the degree that it has become an incorporated ornament in the architectural space.’

This connectivity across the two storeys of the open layout appeals to customers and draws in a wide range of creatives from the neighbourhood. The individual working spaces – from workshops and photography rooms to pottery and woodworking studios – become linked through one overriding element which Supermachine Studio has used to tie together the interior space: ‘It strengthens the concept of it being a “hub” and reinforces the co-working philosophy.’

Photos Wison Tungthunya

Leaderboard: The Sleep Event
Leaderboard: The Sleep Event

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