Coffee and architecture lovers: COBE’s Copenhagen studio has just the (public) café for you

Copenhagen – Mike Wittrup is a co-founder of Depanneur, a group of popular cafés in Copenhagen that have most recently extended to inside COBE’s Nordhavn studio. The location is open to the public, giving architecture buffs and cortado sippers from the outside world an intimate look into the workspace of 130 employees – an opportunity Wittrup likens to having a chance to see what bakers and roasters do under the veil in traditional cafés.

For COBE, promoting ideas of transparency and porosity in the architecture world were major reasons for opening the café. The decision totally aligns with the studio's design values: with every project they take on – whether that be a small public space or large-scale urban planning – the aim is to spatially translate local context and encourage social interaction. That’s why choosing to bring Depanneur in was a perfect fit: according to COBE’s founder and creative director Dan Stubbergaard, there were none the better to introduce a unique, amiable vibe to the studio's public area.

‘We see the city as an extension of our own home and with the café, we want to invite people into our everyday life in the studio,’ said Stubbergaard.

Inside, the walls are decorated with images by Rasmus Hjortshøj – who also took a few of photographs you see on this page – that illustrate COBE’s work. In 2020, that portfolio will include the Orientkaj metro station, steps away from the studio – a conveniently on-brand entry point for people going to the café. And, after the coffee breaks are over, visitors can walk around Nordhavn to see the life-size versions of COBE building models they’ve previewed in Depanneur.

Waterfront views, good coffee and inclusivity are already a hygge triple threat – but all that while also catering to the architecturally inclined? That’s a royal flush in our book.

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