Come for the cinema, stay for the bar and gallery and restaurant

SHANGHAI – A few months ago, a vibrant space opened its doors to the well-heeled of the city, offering a boutique hospitality experience. Expanding the concept of its first Beijing location, Cinker Pictures Shanghai (CPSH) is designed by the Cinker creative team in collaboration with Space Modification Unit.

Channelling minimalist chic, CPSH is composed of several chapters in a visual story, namely the lobby, lounges, bar, restaurant, cinema and gallery. A material palette of terrazzo, velour and brushed metal throughout the space invokes 20th century glamour while connecting the chapters in this story.

In the lobby, guests are greeted by signature Cinker pink.

From the lobby, a ‘transitional’ tunnel of infinity mirrors leads to the lounges.

Guests can choose between the lounges and restaurant for a tailored wining and dining experience according to mood and social occasion. Sure to set off a flurry of hands reaching for phones, the stunning light sculpture over the bar not only makes for an unforgettable display that demands to be shared on social media, but also changes colour throughout the night to spark conversation between the guests.

Meanwhile, the cinema projects movies and an exclusive atmosphere, with 26 luxurious recliners and side tables that depart from the crowded commonality of a regular cinema. CPSH even has an outdoor cinema on the terrace for an alfresco viewing experience in the heart of Shanghai.

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