Come into the garden, Maud, from 9-to-5

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – IT services company Evolable Asia’s new workspace in Vietnam provides employees with a faux-alfresco atmosphere for collaboration and discussion – as a refuge from computer desks and digital screens. The park-in-an-office design by 07Beach in partnership with Studio Happ aims to stimulate creativity in the multinational workforce.

Evocative of a rolling hillside, the slightly raised lawn surface undulates through the common areas of the workspace, which comprises five floors. Doubling as seating for a large social event or as a lounge area for a daily mindfulness practice, the sprawling green is surrounded by tropical plants that emphasize the atmosphere of the outdoors. White birdcage-like seating areas that recall gazebos are bathed by the natural light that pours in through the floor-to-ceiling windows, brightening the airy space. The overall effect is playful – an enjoyable environment that invites employees to take off their shoes and lie on the grass.

The Evolable Asia meeting rooms resemble squash courts with different coloured floors, separated from the hilly lawn by floor-to-ceiling glass. Folding screens transition the private rooms to a large room.

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