Community Hall Abfaltersbach by Machné Architekten

Staccato accents of irregularly-shaped windows cover the façade.

ABFALTERSBACH – An extraordinary volume seems to have popped out of the ground in the rural, picturesque landscape of southern Austria.

Local firm Machné Architekten won a 2008 competition to realize the new community hall in Abfaltersbach; the three-part structure houses a municipal administration, fire department offices, music rehearsal venue and event location.

The site is comprised of three boulder-like volumes which at first appear randomly scattered. However, their layout reflects surrounding geography of the land and are positioned in a way that frames views toward other buildings.   

‘By dividing the building into separate areas, it was possible to give each part its optimal form,’ says architect Hans Peter Machné. ‘For example, both the auditorium and music rehearsal rooms are polygonal, for acoustic requirements.’

Façades are comprised of fibre and cement in various colours, creating a traditional stone look that incorporates the building into its scenic setting.

Photos courtesy of Paul Ott

Billboard: The Other Office 3 Presale
Billboard: The Other Office 3 Presale

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