Concrete Couture by Situ Studio

Exhibition pedestals are formed from concrete-impregnated fabric…

New York-based Situ Studio turned to the most ubiquitous building material, concrete, to fashion unexpectedly fluid forms for Folk Couture: Fashion and Folk Art, an exhibition at the city’s American Folk Art Museum.

Situ’s expressively playful, pillow-like concrete podiums related harmoniously to one another and to the objects on show. ‘Concrete usually feels cold, heavy and rigid,’ says Situ’s Aleksey Lukyanov-Cherny, ‘but we wanted to create custom concrete forms that would seem so soft and so light that they’d float away if not for the mannequins and objects anchoring them.’

The pedestals were made of Concrete Canvas, a concrete-impregnated fabric composite that hardens when water is added. After much experimentation, Situ hit upon a technique for building plywood armatures on which to drape the canvas. Hanging by its own weight, the material was able to find its natural and most efficient structural contours.

Photos courtesy of Situ Studio

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